cappuccino machine with cup of coffee, isolated on whiteThe one cup coffee maker is the most recent, exciting innovation in the world of coffee.

Known by many other names, such as the single cup coffee maker, single serve coffee maker, or pod coffee maker, the basic purpose is the same: to brew coffee one cup at a time.

From such simple ideas revolutions are born & this is considered to be the best coffee maker.

Why a One Cup Coffee Maker?

Why spend, say, $75, on a single serve coffee machine, when you can buy a less expensive coffee maker that brews 10 cups or more at a time? Doesn’t that sound crazy? It depends on how you look at it. Here are a few reasons why you might buy a single cup coffee maker.


One of the main benefits that one cup coffee makers offer is convenience.

An on-the-go professional, busy housewife, or time-pressured student may have no desire whatsoever to brew a big pot of coffee. First of all, they drink only a cup or so a day. They just want to grab a quick mug of java on the way out the door.

With a single serve coffee maker, such as a Senseo, you drop the coffee pod into the holder, add water, hit a button, and you have hot coffee to go within 1-3 minutes. There’s only minimal clean-up because you use coffee pods (a prepackaged disc or small cup). No fuss over rinsing out a bulky carafe. No coffee grounds to measure or spill.

Just push a button, get your coffee, and go.

That’s convenience.


One cup coffee makers are fast. Virtually all of them can brew a cup within three minutes. Some, such as the Keurig kitchen brewers, brew even faster when the machine is up and running with hot water held at the ready.

Compare this to waiting 6-8 minutes for your typical automatic drip coffee machine to brew a pot of coffee.


A single cup coffee maker gives you the kind of coffee you want, how and when you want it.

Let’s say you live in a household, such as I do, in which the people prefer two totally different types of coffee. My wife likes light, flavored coffees such as vanilla hazelnut. I prefer to take my coffee black and full-bodied.

With a one cup coffee maker, she can use a coffee pod with her flavor of choice, brew it in a minute, and then I drop my Extra Bold K Cup (for example) into the pod holder, and I get what I want, too. Everyone’s happy.

No having to compromise on a single pot of coffee. In our current age, it’s all about personalization: getting exactly the coffee you want, how and when you want it.


Most single serve coffee machines are compact, and would work well as a portable coffee maker.

Some models, such as the Keurig Mini B30, are small enough to pack into carry-on luggage. This is a great benefit if you travel often and want to enjoy your favorite coffee while you’re on the road, instead of depending on that rickety old coffee machine in your hotel room.

One Cup Coffee Maker

Buying Tips

So okay. You’re sold on pod coffee makers. You’re close to making a purchase.

Hold on a minute. Let’s cover some areas you should consider when buying a one cup coffee maker.Price:

You’ll find a wide range of prices among one cup coffee makers.

You can purchase a basic machine such as Mr. Coffee Home Cafe Single Serve Coffee Maker for less than $40. Other, more fully featured single serve coffee machines, such as the Braun Tassimo Hot Beverage System, can set you back over $150.

The median price for a high quality single serve coffee maker is around $75.


The single serve coffee machines on the market today are some of the most stylishly designed kitchen appliances out there. So long as you’re going to purchase one, why not get a model that will look great sitting on your counter top?

Senseo one cup coffee makers are particularly colorful. They come in several colors: black, white, red, blue, and chrome. One of these is sure to match your kitchen.

Most other single cup coffee makers are available in a sleek black finish.

Befitting their status as the latest and greatest kitchen appliance innovation, most of these machines have an ultra-modern look to them that should fit well in a contemporary kitchen. (And they would give an old-fashioned kitchen a futuristic touch.)


Pod coffee makers can include a dizzying range of features, but there are a few important, fundamental factors to consider.

What’s the capacity of the water reservoir? In general, look for a coffee maker that holds enough water to brew at least 5 cups of coffee (28 ounces or so). If it holds less water than that, you’ll have to frequently refill the tank, which adds more time to the brewing cycle.

How many brew size options does the machine give you? If the coffee maker brews only a 6oz cup, for example, will this be sufficient for you? Personally, I like a larger cup of coffee and want an option for at least a 9oz cup.

Is there a brew temperature control? If you prefer your coffee very hot, this is a good feature to have.

How about a programmable clock? A machine you can program to turn on and have hot water ready to brew your coffee in the morning will save you time.

Do you want the option to use your single serve coffee maker to brew other hot beverages, such as cappuccinos, tea, hot chocolate, espresso, and lattes? If so, check out a machine with more features, such as the Braun Tassimo.

Ease of use:

All one cup coffee makers are not created equal. Look for a coffee machine that offers minimal initial set up, and simple daily operation.

To get your basic cup of coffee, the process should not be any more complicated than adding water to the reservoir, inserting the coffee pod, T-disc or K cup, sliding your mug onto the drip tray, and punching one button to commence brewing.

Availability and variety of coffee pods:

The availability and variety of coffee pods for your single serve coffee machine is a deal-breaker, in my opinion.

Look for a single cup coffee maker that offers a vast selection of coffee pods that will be easy to find.

The Keurig kitchen brewer line uses their exclusive K Cups, but there are over 70 varieties of coffee, tea, and hot cocoa K Cups available, and if you can’t find them at your local store, you can grab them online.

A Flavia coffee maker, the Flavia Fusion Drink Station, uses propriety pods, called Filterpacks. With the Flavia Fusion, you can select from over 30 varieties of coffee, espresso, tea, chai, hot chocolate, lattes, or cappuccino.

Others, like the Senseo and Melitta one cup coffee makers, can use any 62mm coffee pod, which is the industry standard for coffee pods. You can usually find Senseo coffee pods in your local supermarket.

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